Since 1994 we have provided Atlanta with tree services. Now at our cost.

During the economic slowdown, we began offering our tree services to homeowners in metro Atlanta at our cost, keeping our skilled tree service employees working. We came up with a way to stretch every dollar, keep people employed, and provide you the services you need…Atlanta Tree Service At Cost . com. It’s so popular, we’re still doing it!

Tree removal costs

The cost for metro Atlanta tree removal depends on these conditions:

  • Nearness of tree to a home, driveway, patio, pool or pond, fence, etc. that requires extra safety precautions that increase time and labor cost for tree removal. (Click tree removal safety below for more info.
  • Size of tree. This table shows the time it takes for tree removal.
    Diameter of tree trunk
    Time to cut tree
    Time to remove debris
    2″ to 4″
    4 minutes
    4-5 minutes
    4″ to 5″
    7 minutes
    4-8 minutes
    5″ to 6″
    7-15 minutes
    6-12 minutes
    6 to 8″
    7-25 minutes
    6-20 minutes
    8″ to 12″
    15-45 minutes
    15-30 minutes
    12″ to 18″
    ½ to 1½ hours
    ½ to 2 hours
    18″ to 25″
    ½ to 3½ hours
    ½ to 4 hours
  • Debris removal. A tree close to our chipper can be removed quickly. When we must haul debris up a hill or over a distance to reach our machinery, our labor cost increases. Using a machine speeds things up, moving it all by hand slows things down. It’s not rocket science, it’s a back-breaking job which is why you’re happier that a bear in honey having Atlanta Tree Service At Cost doing this job instead of you. To cut your costs, we can leave the recycled tree on your property as firewood or wood chip mulch in your islands.

Trim shade tree so sunlight lets grass grow

A tree that creates too much shade will prevent grass from growing until we trim the tree to let more sunlight shine through. Our skilled tree service worker will leave some limbs to maintain the tree’s shape, but remove secondary limbs that are blocking sunlight.

How much time does this job take on average? If we can trim the tree while standing on the ground this will normally take 10 minutes or less, but if someone must put on safety gear and climb the tree, it could take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Trim tree away from power line

Our tree service crew will trim the tree 5 to 10 feet away to keep your power line clear for at least 3 to 5 years. This can help reduce the risk of power outages during a storm. Most of the time trees will look their best from one particular viewing point. We try to make the best choice over all.

This take 10 minutes if we can stand on the ground but a half hour to one hour if our tree service worker must climb the tree to trim it.

Trim tree that is too close to your home

Our tree service crew will follow our standard trim processes that leaves the tree clear of touching the home. Typically trimming the tree 5 to 10 feet away will keep your house clear for 3 to 5 years if not more. Most of the time trees will look their best from one particular viewing point. We try to make the best choice over all.

If we can stand on the ground, this job takes 10 minutes. If we have to climb the tree, 30 minutes to 1 hour is typical.

Trim trees to allow driveway access

Overgrown tree limbs block your driveway access. Our tree service crew will provide the 13 to 15 foot clearance that is needed for cars and trucks. Trees may need to be trimmed every 3 years.

This job can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour, depending on how dense the trees are along your driveway, and whether trees can be trimmed from the ground instead of climbing into trees to remove limbs.

Tree removal safety

Tree removal is cheapest when our tree service crew can cut off limbs and let them fall to the ground. This isn’t possible when the tree is near a building, patio, pond or swimming pool, driveway, fence, or other landscaping that can be damaged by falling debris. Safety measures must be used that increase the time and labor cost for tree removal.

Safety methods can include…

  • Safety Zip Line: Some or all of the limbs are secured with a special zip line system that can hold 8000 pounds. The zip line is tied to the tree top at one end and anchored at the other end. Then metal locking rings attached to straps secure the tree limbs that are safely lowered to the ground.
  • Ropes: Limbs are lowered to the ground using ropes to prevent damage.
  • Crane: A very large tree or tree very close to a building may require bringing in a crane to lower tree limbs to the ground.

Trimming a tree to look beautiful

A tree’s beauty improves when it is pruned by an expert. Our tree service crews are trained in “interior thinning” and “directional pruning.” We prune any dead wood, hazardous branches, or limbs with weak joints that are likely to break during storms. Trimming lasts 5-7 years. Proper trimming encourages the tree to grow into a proper shape.

This takes 15-30 minutes when we can stand on the ground. When our tree service worker must climb inside the tree, a small tree takes a half hour and a large tree one to two hours.

Trim Bradford Pear - structure reduction and interior trim

Older Bradford Pear trees often have major limbs break during storms, unless the trees are pruned to reduce the weight of the co-dominate branches. Our tree service crew will open up the interior of the tree to reduce the risk of limbs breaking or splitting, and allow air to pass through the tree during storms instead of pushing the tree over.

A Bradford pear tree can be pruned in 15 minutes if we can stand on the ground, or a half hour or longer if we need to climb into the tree to prune it.

Trim tree away from swimming pool

A tree near a swimming pool creates maintenance problems, dropping debris into the pool which clogs the filter. Too much shade near your pool is another problem.

Removing problem limbs and branches usually requires our tree service crew to climb into the tree and use ropes to lower cut limbs so they don’t fall into the pool, and that can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for a difficult tree. Small trees can be pruned in 15 minutes if we can stand on the ground.

Improve satellite dish signal with tree trimming

Your TV satellite dish signal can be blocked as tree limbs grow to block the path between the dish and satellite. Our tree service crew will try our best to cut away problem limbs or open up the inside of a tree to allow better satellite signal reception.

We typically have to climb inside trees to trim limbs, which takes 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the trees involved.

Shrub pruning

Is your property overgrown with shrubs, or are shrubs in need of trimming? Shrub pruning or shrub removal can usually be done by one skilled tree service worker with a truck, equipment and expenses for our cost of $55 per hour anywhere in metro Atlanta.

Diagnosis of tree "illnesses" by our arborist

Our arborist can diagnose tree problems by looking at the following parts of a tree: leaves, bark, roots, fungi growing on the tree, odors, secretions coming from the tree, and evidence left by certain harmful insects.

Pine beetle prevention and treatment

There are topical applications as well as injectable applications to help pine trees resist pine beetle infestations.

Mistletoe should be trimmed out of your tree

If your tree has mistletoe, it needs to be trimmed out of the tree. Mistletoe must be removed back 18 inches below the infected area or as needed. If this is not done then the mistletoe will grow back and the tree will die, period. If you wait and trim the mistletoe out when there is a lot of it in the tree, the tree will look like a bunch of horns sticking up in the air; we refer to these trees as, “Trees of Shame”. This parasite is feeding off of the vascular system of the tree similar to the way a leech feeds on a person’s blood.

Tree shots

This is just what it sounds like. If your tree is sick we can give it a shot. It takes less than an hour for the injection to travel though the trees system. It literally travels to every leaf and back to the roots. It is very thorough. We can inject nutrients, pest control substances, fungicides, etc. There are things we are doing today in the field of tree service never thought possible. So if your tree has a cold, call us — we make house calls. No, trees don’t sneeze 🙂 and they don’t really catch colds, but they really do get sick.

Tree health care - mycorrhizal fungi and large core aeration

Mycorrhizal fungi creates a web under the soil that is attached to the roots and can absorb the nutrients we can put on top of it, so it acts like a net catching the “food and water so to speak”. The following service will be performed to the fullest extent under the tree’s drip line which is the primary available root structure. The industry research shows that there is a big difference between feeding and fertilizing for successful tree preservation. Restoring the eco system for the tree allows for the naturally sustainability of the soil. These fungi contribute and gain — both are giving to, and receiving from each other. Strategically boring small aeration holes about 12″ to 16″ deep that are about 1 to 3 inches in diameter with a small auger bit in a grid pattern provides access to the roots, filling them with Mycorrihizal fungi increases and restores supporting colonies of these “tree feeders”.

Other types of tree services

  • Stump grinding
  • Removing tree roots that crack driveways, walks, patios, foundations, or pools
  • Moving trees
  • Shade studies
  • Fertilization
  • Tree inventories
  • Chipping your existing debris
  • Hauling debris away
  • Controlled air curtain burning for large scale debris
  • Moving boulders
  • Bobcat services
  • Grading
  • Moving dirt

Landscaping services

  • Total landscaping design and installation
  • Creating outdoor parks
  • Planting for you any plants you buy at Home Depot or a nursery
  • Landscape Fire Pit with Cooking Grill. This is a stacked stone fire pit. We like it because it is very nice looking, but most of all it does not hold water and grow mosquitoes. The sides are about the height of an end table. The grill surface is about 30″ across and burns wood. The food taste great that we cook on ours. You can have free fire wood from our shop for as long as you need it. We typically have oak and hickory onsite.
  • Landscape Walking Path made with Stepping Stones. We will install stepping stones so that you can walk from point (A) to point (B). These stone will be dug into the ground low enough that a lawn mower should be able to cross over them. There will be no mortar used to take away from the natural look we are trying to create.
  • Master Plan – Risk Management – Beautification The wisdom in using a master plan as your strategy is that the services you are investing in are prioritized. Some items can be changed, please ask for any alterations you would like. It is an expert opinion of your over all needs. You can do some or all of it as your budget dictates.

Yard cleanup

  • Picking up sticks and branches
  • Weeding
  • Raking leaves
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Blowing
  • Spreading mulch or pine straw
  • Pressure washing your home, deck, driveway, walk, fence
  • Moving stuff with a wheelbarrow
  • Fence repair
  • Underbrush clearing. We clear thorns, nasty underbrush, and privet, with a special machine that recycles it immediately where it is cut and mulches it for the soil. We clear unwanted underbrush to within 1 to 3 inches of the ground.